One day

One day she’ll be normal

Like him.

One day she’ll be fixed

Like him.

For now the Stygian darkness cradles her;

Whispering the sweetest poem of dissolution.

Letting the saccharine words dance through her crippled mind,

She blooms like the brahma kamal at nightfall.

One day she will hear his words of amore through his actions;

But those actions are quiet and simple 

She can always hear that syrupy voice just behind her own thoughts

One day she will be fixed

One day her dose will be stronger than the voice

And let her live again 



Chasing affection

I’m chasing that buzz, that dampness that makes my skin flush

where kisses taste like copper

delicate articulation lost to cacophonous praise

your sharp tongue, lacerates me to my soul and I’d die for more

Tell me how can I can be better? how good am I now?

I’m craving more and left anguished

are you lost in this moment like I am?

my eyes glaze over and I can see stars in a galaxy of my own design

Surely you feel my heartbeat quicken in my throat

as you squeeze the pain away.





Red and Gold

She wanted nothing more than to hear that voice
The man she adores telling her she’s his
Strap her down with a ball and chain
Tell her not to move again
The sting after the quiet
The brush of silk after a command
She wanted nothing more than to please her man