I’ve been told that I’m difficult and I don’t really understand what that means so I asked someone I very briefly dated.

He said ‘yes. you are’

Fuckkkk it hurt so much. Like an icicle to the fucking heart. My insides churning. Tears instantly streaming down my face.

I’m difficult? How can this be? Who let it go on for this long?

How can this be how I’m seen? I see myself as honest and sometimes blunt. I speak the truth; my truth.

I want to be accepted the way I’d accept anyone else who is their true self.

I know I’m naive, gullible and get taken for granted but dammit I’m just ME.

Take it or leave it

Take it, please.




You can put yourself out there all you want to but people suck. They’re only going to tell you what you want to hear until they get what they want. I can be okay on my own, right?