Disney Villain

Who am I to believe in true love when I’ve never seen an example of it in true life?

When had a fairytale romance played before me so that I may lust after a similar reprise in my favor?

Short answer: never.

I am alone and this is my fairytale.

One where I am the villain destined to be alone.




Petals fall.

Dried they fall rather quickly.

Stomped beneath the feet of passersby.

None of who knew that they were once a symbol for love.

Dried husks of affection.

Nothing more than aged vegetation scattered down dirty streets.

Even nesting birds ignore the rubbish.

But I swear, I was once adored.

My petals fragrant, jewel-toned and the texture of velvet on skin.

Not a memory anymore.

Now a nuisance the wind blew up into your face.